What are Public Folders?

Hosted exchange public folders are special shared folders that can be shared with other hosted exchange users. They can be opened, accessed and modified using Microsoft Outlook.

Public folders can be used to share and collaborate on certain types of data with other exchange users. The person who creates the public folder can set up permissions or privileges for other Microsoft Exchange users, either individually or at group level.

A public folder can contain many different types of Microsoft Outlook data including calendar entries, contacts, forms, journal entries, notes and messages. This allows groups to organize a folder hierarchy to contain and share information.

The hosted exchange server synchronizes the contents of the public folder (and any sub folders) across all of the Microsoft Outlook email clients that connect to it, based upon the privileges set up by the folder owner.

Possibly the simplest way to define hosted exchange public folders, is to say that they are very much like a shared inbox. Every user who has permissions to access it can add, edit or delete the items stored within it.

In effect, a public folder, stored on a hosted exchange server, is a very simple and effective way for teams of people to share critical data, all easily managed, searched and edited, using the familiar Microsoft Outlook email client.