What is a Resource Mailbox?

A resource mailbox is a special type of hosted exchange mailbox that can be used to schedule the use of, and track the availability of business resources. The resources being tracked can be anything the company requires. Meeting rooms, overhead projectors, vehicles. Any company resource that is shared can be managed using a hosted exchange resource mailbox.

The basic use of a resource mailbox as part of hosted exchange solutions, is to actually manage the usage schedule of the resource. This is done using a familiar Microsoft Outlook style calendar. Exchange mailbox users who have permission, can make entries on the resource mailbox calendar, reserving the resource.

Advanced functionally of a resource mailbox allows the invitation of resources to meetings and other events. For example, a meeting room resource mailbox can be invited as an attendee for a meeting. If the required meeting time is free, the resource mailbox will assign the meeting room to the event automatically, reserving its use.

By setting up a resource mailbox for all shared company resources, and encouraging people to use them properly, it is possible to completely remove the problems often faced by resources being required by multiple people, for multiple events at the same time.