What is an Email Disclaimer?

An email disclaimer is a separate, standardized section of an email that is added to the bottom, containing legal, copyright, confidentiality, contractual and policy information. It is usually added automatically as part of a hosted exchange mailbox users email signature.

The disclaimer has several roles. First, it is usually used to warn the recipient that the contents of the email are confidential and bound by copyright laws. Warning the recipient that the contents of the mail should not be shared, divulged, copied or passed on in any way.

Second, the disclaimer is often used to advise the recipient of the sending company's policy with regards to harassment, defamation and discrimination.

Last, a disclaimer will also often include some form of indication that the original sent email was virus free at the time of leaving the sending companies Microsoft Exchange Server.

It is important to note, that an email disclaimer, no matter how detailed, is not generally considered to be legally binding. However, there have been past cases where lawyers have successfully managed to prosecute a case based solely on the contents of an email disclaimer. Therefore, it is good practice for each hosted exchange user have a standard email disclaimer added to their outgoing emails.