What is Calendar Sharing?

Hosted email services that offer full Microsoft Exchange Server functionality, enable users to share their calendars with others. Note that this does not need to be the user's primary calendar, it can be a calendar the user creates specifically for sharing.

Once a hosted exchange user has created a shared calendar, they may assign permissions to other users or a group of users. The shared calendar will then appear in the shared calendar list in the navigation panel of Microsoft Outlook users who have permission to view or edit the shared calendar.

Shared calendars within a corporate hosted exchange environment can be a very powerful tool. They can be used to manage individual projects or events, as well as allow team members to view management schedules.

Many managers will share their calendar with their personal assistant or secretary, allowing their assistant to view and edit their calendar, scheduling appointments and events as required. Share calendars are one of the most powerful collaboration features of hosted exchange services, enabling teams to work within a common scheduling calendar.