What is Email Archiving?

For most email users, there is never an issue with filling up their entire email storage quota. However, for heavy users of exchange hosted mailboxes, their inbox can become very difficult to navigate, with large amounts of data and tens of thousands of historic emails being stored. Even if the mailbox is organized into sub folders, the situation can still be confusing. This is where Microsoft exchange archiving comes in. Users can archive historic emails, hiding them away, yet keeping them stored should they need to recall them from the archive.

Additionally, many companies are subject to legislation that makes them legally required to store all communications, including emails, for a number of years. Once again, storing this historic data in a hosted exchange mailbox almost indefinitely, leads to clutter. Archiving allows companies to store historic emails, remaining compliant, but removing them from their day to day workflow.

Microsoft exchange archiving is a powerful way for businesses to ensure that historic email data is maintained, yet users are able to keep an uncluttered mailbox.