Hosted Exchange Archiving

One important features of hosted Exchange, from a corporate viewpoint, is the way that email archiving is handled. Individual users of a hosted Exchange mailbox may never use Exchange email archiving, but business users will find it a convenient way to reduce mailbox clutter, while remaining compliant with business best practices.

Many countries have legislation in place for certain industries, such as finance and medical, that require that all communication and documents (email included) must be kept for a set number of years. Of course, it is not logical to keep all of this historic email in the user’s mailbox. This is where hosted email archiving comes in.

Email archiving allows businesses to store historic emails, outside of the user’s mailbox. The email archiving solutions offered by many hosted Exchange services back up the archived emails and makes them available should they be needed in the future. This process removes the messages from the users mailbox, thus cutting down on clutter while remaining compliant with local email archiving laws.

Email that has been archived is kept secure and is available should the need arise to access it again. However, from a user point of view, the emails are no longer within their working inbox. They are not deleted, simply archived away, stored safely, and available for restore should they be needed again in the future.