Hosted Exchange for Business

Although Microsoft Exchange hosting makes a great email host for individuals, it is in the area of small business email that hosted Exchange really comes into its own. Every business needs to be able to trust its email and messaging infrastructure, but smaller businesses may not be able to allocate the resources and funding to bring their email hosting in-house. In this situation, renting Exchange services on a managed server via an Exchange reseller simply makes sense. It is a cost effective, easy way to gain access to enterprise level email and collaboration tools, the most robust and secure around.

Let’s look at some of the advantages to be had by using hosted Microsoft Exchange services for enterprise email and collaboration:

  • Very low setup costs, as the services are rented, on a managed server that is maintained by the Exchange hosting provider. There is no requirement to purchase server hardware, or the Microsoft Exchange server software itself. Simply pay a fixed monthly (or annual) fee based on the number of mailboxes you need..
  • Fixed fees, in the form of monthly or annual subscriptions. This means that budgeting is simple, as there are no hardware maintenance costs to factor in, no depreciation, and no expert services required to keep the Exchange server running. You always know what your hosted Exchange email will cost every month.
  • Scalability, in the form of only paying for the number of mailboxes the business needs. No need to buy a Microsoft Exchange server license, licensed for a set number of users. Instead, simply order the number of mailboxes you need from your Exchange reseller, and then add or subtract from this number as business requirements dictate.
  • Security is assured, due to the fact that the Exchange provider will be managing the email server. This means that a professional team is making sure that the server operating system, Exchange software, and network security is kept up to date, and water tight.
  • Service is guaranteed via a Service Level Agreement (SLA), most usually offering a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This means that if a good hosting provider was chosen, business email and collaboration tools will be available at all times.

So we can see how hosted Microsoft Exchange offers businesses a cost effective, entirely hands free way to gain access to enterprise level email and collaboration, that is robust, secure and reliable.