Hosted Exchange Providers

All hosted Microsoft Exchange providers are no equal. Some exchange service providers are more suited to some types of email usage than others. For example, an individual, who simply wants a cheap email host, may find that the lowest price package Direct from Microsoft is suitable. However, a small business, with a need for a dynamic, scalable Exchange provider, may find Microsoft restrictive, especially when it comes to receiving good quality technical support (oddly enough). Instead, they may be better off with one of the specialist hosted Exchange providers, who are on hand to help with any technical issues when they arise. Below are a few things to consider when looking for a new Exchange host:

  • Price is an issue, especially when we are talking about dozens of mailboxes. However, cheapest is not always the best. It is also important to note whether there is any setup fee. Also, many Exchange email services will offer a discount if subscriptions are paid for by the year, not the month.
  • Technical support is a major issue. Many of the budget Exchange server companies will not offer the same level of support as the more expensive. Usually the quality of the support will be similar, but the time to resolution may take much longer, possibly several days.
  • Storage offered is another important consideration. Some cheaper email providers only offer a relatively small 2GB mailbox. This is really too small for long-term commercial use, unless some form of email archiving is used.