Hosted Exchange Storage Space

As mentioned in the 'Migrating your email to Hosted Exchange' section, one of the things to check with hosted exchange pricing, is how much storage is offered by the Microsoft Exchange mail provider you are evaluating. Most of the cheaper Exchange hosting companies only offer a small 2GB mailbox. This may initially seem like quite a lot, but once you consider that all attachments you receive, or send, are also stored in this 2GB Exchange mailbox, you may begin to realize this really isn’t very much at all. Additionally, all calendar, contact and task entries are also stored in the Exchange mailbox storage space provided as part of the package.

If you are a heavy email user who likes to keep your email history going back several years, then 2GB is almost certainly not going to be enough. Most good Exchange hosts offer larger mailboxes, usually around the 25Gb range in size. This may seem like an quite a lot of storage space at first. But it really isn’t if you intend to use all of the Microsoft Exchange features to the fullest, including public folders and collaboration. As a rule of thumb, the average business user will see their mailbox size grow by around 1Gb to 1.5Gb a year. Use this basic fact when trying to decide whether the Exchange hosting package you are considering is offering enough Storage space or not. Most Exchange hosts also offer additional storage space for a fee if more is needed.

Storage space included in hosted exchange plans can be viewed using the feature comparison tool on our home page.