Hosted Exchange Virus Protection

In the same way that a hosted Exchange mailbox offers a very good level of spam filtering, it is also one of the most robust mail servers when it comes to virus protection. It is possible to configure the Exchange Server software to automatically scan all incoming emails for viruses, as they are received by the server, before they are delivered to the user mailbox.

Exchange can scan both the content of the email (including HTML), and any attachments that are included with the email. This means that in theory, users should never receive a potentially dangerous email, containing either a virus or some other type of malware. In practice however, it is still advisable for users to run a local anti-virus application on their own PC. The virus protection built in to Exchange server is only as good as the last virus definition update. If an email is received that contains a virus that has yet to be added to the Exchange virus database, there is a slight risk that it could be delivered to the users mailbox. In this case, having a locally installed anti-virus suite in place, will lessen this risk considerably.

Many anti-virus applications are designed to integrate with Microsoft Outlook and actively scan each email received. This added level of virus protection, on top of that which is active server side, combine to make the Exchange/Outlook combination very secure..